Our young people spend most of their time in school.  In an academic year, they spend almost as much time with their teachers as they do with their parents. It is imperative that the school climate be one of caring and trust.  The pages in this section will address the challenges that schools face in the 21st century.  The proliferation of social media has made it imperative for parents and schools to be more vigilant than ever regarding our children’s social interactions.

In this section the following topics will be addressed:

  • The difference between school climate and school culture
  • What an ideal school climate feels like
  • Best practices for schools
  • Prevention strategies for teachers
  • Alternative discipline options
  • How to intervene in a bullying situation
  • The process of developing anti-bullying strategies
  • Developing a task force to help create school policy and implement programs
  • How to conduct a needs assessment
  • How to monitor success