How The Peace Center Can Help

The Peace Center staff is available to help students, parents, teachers, administrators, law enforcement, and the community at large. We have a 30 year history of working to create nonviolence in families, schools, and communities.  At present we offer a wide variety of programs and services through our Bully Prevention Resource Center.

For Families

Support Circles

Trained Peace Center facilitators hold free, weekly meetings for students who have been bullied and their parents. The students engage in activities that instill coping skills and anger management skills.  The meetings  allow students to meet and bond with others who are experiencing similar bullying situations and get support from each other and from the group leaders who are often survivors of bullying.   At the same time parents meet separately to share their own experiences and feelings.  They too are able to gain coping skills and tips for dealing with their hurting children. For locations and how to sign up for a support circle, click here.

Parenting Presentations

We can offer parents a place to learn communication skills, effective discipline techniques, and a deeper understanding of their children’s behavioral and emotional development. Parents learn how to respond rather than react to bullying situations as well as learn how to change conflict dynamics in their family on a daily basis.

For Schools 

Respecting Me/Respecting You

A program for elementary school students.  Our trained peace educators travel to elementary school classrooms to implement a program that helps students learn strategies and skills to build inner and outer peace through increasing their ability to empathize. Additionally they learn to problem-solve emotional issues, and begin to understand anger and how to manage it, all with the goal of reducing bullying. Teachers are also provided with materials that are easily assimilated into classroom activities to reinforce skills.

Training for all School staff including playground/lunchroom aides and bus drivers for a minimum of 8-12 hours in handling conflict, recognizing bullying and strategies for intervening in bullying incidents.  We will update teachers and staff on the latest research and information on bullying and cyberbulling,  and effective ways to deal with it at school.

Restorative Justice

The Peace Center can facilitate restorative justice circles when a serious bullying situation has occurred.  Parents, teachers, the perpetrator, and the target are brought together in order for each to reveal in a safe environment how the incident has affected them. This process can bring healing, reconciliation and appropriate consequences decided on by the entire group.

Peace Circles

This is a process of small group meetings with victims and perpetrators of bullying or conflict using a trained facilitator and ‘talking stick’ along with ground rules. Talking, sharing and resolving takes place over a 2-3 hour time period. We have resolved many difficult conflicts using this method.

Diversity Awareness Training

We can offer diversity training lessons that will allow students a window into the world of “the other.”  This training can help in the development of empathy and acceptance.

Girls Unlimited

Relational aggression is far too prevalent among middle school girls.  Girls Unlimited is a five-hour (one hour for five consecutive days) designed to help middle school girls learn empathy. Through discussion and activities related to what it means to be a woman in today’s world, girls learn about the power of our words to hurt or heal, the longterm affects of social isolation and rumor mongering, and how to be an empowered bystander.

Needs Assessment for Schools

The Peace Center can provide schools with the tools they need to survey students, parents, and staff to determine the school’s climate of safety. This helps to give information about a variety of issue in order to determine an appropriate course of action.

Bullying Policy Development

We can help schools form a task force of students, parents, and teachers and, working with the task force, we can help craft a clear, concise policy on bullying in the school.