Bullying Facts and Figures

The Figures

  • A child is bullied every 7 seconds.
  • 42% of students report being cyberbullied.
  • 200,000 students per day miss school because of bullying.
  • One in three students report being bullied.

The Facts

  • Both targets and aggressors are more likely to develop problems such as crime, violence, substance abuse and suicide ideation.
  • Bystanders are as affected by bullying as targets and aggressors.
  • Empowerment of bystanders is an effective tool in bully prevention.
  • Bullying can impact both the target and the aggressor for as long 20 years.
  • Bullying adversely affects academic performance.
  • Contrary to popular belief, aggressors do not have low self-esteem. They are often among the most popular students in school.
  • Children who are bullied may become aggressors in later life.
  • Most bullying occurs out of sight or earshot of adults.
  • Bully prevention programs can and DO WORK!