All students, regardless of skin color, religion, national origin, body size or shape, athletic abilities, disabilities or sexual orientation deserve a positive learning climate that is inclusive and accepting.   Creating and maintaining safety is an ongoing process  that can only be actualized if everyone involved in the life of a school works together to deliver physical safety, psychological safety, and social safety.  These three elements exist in an environment which is relatively free from hypocrisy, and which clearly articulates a system of values that everyone in the community is expected to uphold.

 Research has shown that carefully planned and administered  prevention, intervention, and response programs can create a positive school climate.  When the process involves a comprehensive approach to bringing educators, students, parents, law enforcement agencies, businesses, faith-based organizations and others to the table , our youth become the beneficiaries of a safe, embracing climate in which to learn and thrive.
 This toolkit is  designed to inform and assist  parents, administrators, teachers, aids and counselors in fostering  safe and supportive environments within schools and the wider community.  It provides information on bully prevention, tips for parents, school policy development, best practices, evaluations, trainings and implementation strategies.  This website will serve as a dynamic clearinghouse of information that provides current, reliable and useful information for helping our children feel safe in school and online.